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04 May 2011 21:37 #38552 by Brohnson
Hello Jediists was created by Brohnson
My name is Brett, and i'm from California, the central valley. I've spent a lot of time studying religious beliefs (all self-taught) and recently discovered Jediism. I'm very interested in heading down the path to become a Jedi, so greetings, I hope to meet a lot of great new people here :)

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04 May 2011 21:54 #38553 by Somja Ri Nor
Replied by Somja Ri Nor on topic Hello Jediists
Welcome, Brett. It is good to see yet another new face here this week. If you're looking to walk the path to become a Jedi, then you are in the right place.

May the Force be with you always,
Somja Ri'Nor

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05 May 2011 21:30 #38576 by Jestor
Replied by Jestor on topic Hello Jediists
Brohnson, welcome to the Temple...

Self taught? Awesome! That is what we are all about....

Sit back, relax, and start reading... there is plenty to keep you busy... If not, let me know, we will make up some stuff as well... lol...

And to listen to as well...

Start with the FAQ, then, try the Initiate's training... Both have some excellent advice and information...

The training is not mandatory, only recommended, personally...

If you get stuck, do not be bashful... Make sure to ask, if they do not know, ask, who to ask... Everyone here is as helpful as they can be...

All of us Masters and Knights are more than happy to help, our inboxes are always a click away...

Good Luck on your journey...

May The Force Be With You....

Sith ain't Evil...
Jedi ain't Saints....

"Bake or bake not. There is no fry" - Sean Ching

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