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03 Apr 2020 13:46 #350828 by Claiomh Solais
Locked topics was created by Claiomh Solais

I’ve started the IP but noticed many topics are locked in the Journal area including the rules. When can I request that topics are unlocked?

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03 Apr 2020 13:59 #350829 by Carlos.Martinez3
Replied by Carlos.Martinez3 on topic Locked topics
Let’s find out what’s up - let’s see now - give us a bit please and thank you . Contact me directly or here. May the Force continue to be with you.

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03 Apr 2020 13:59 #350830 by Edan
Replied by Edan on topic Locked topics
Do you mean the three topics at the top? They are for the knights to notify other members of information. If you wish to discuss something within them, please create a thread in a non-journal forum or email a knight for clarification.

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