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18 Dec 2016 00:13 #268795 by Sirch Nayr
Mailing Address Question was created by Sirch Nayr
When I'm able, I would like to go forward with the membership application process. I have a few concerns though.

Once I enter my mailing address and information, will this be confidential, and will I be able to opt out of any physical mail sent to the address? I'd rather not have Jedi stuff being sent to the house for now. (No offense meant.)

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18 Dec 2016 00:20 #268796 by Trisskar
Replied by Trisskar on topic Mailing Address Question
Yes. It is Confidential information

Yes. Nothing gets sent to your mail without your express permission :)

Its just for legal recording since the Temple is a Legally filed church.

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18 Dec 2016 09:21 #268829 by Brenna
Replied by Brenna on topic Mailing Address Question
We also don't send anything like newsletter etc physically, so don't worry, we promise not to spam you :)

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