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05 Dec 2016 20:20 - 06 Dec 2016 01:17 #267295 by Dpepperling
Teacher/help was created by Dpepperling
I do not know if this is allowed but is it possible on could teach me as a mentor until I'm granted a master. I would like to get ahead and learn everything I can. I'm not asking for a master but someone who can help me on there spare time. Mabie in time the one who teaches me can become my master.

Thanks, guys

p.s Inform me if this is not allowed as soon as one can so I may delete this.

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05 Dec 2016 20:24 #267297 by Leah Starspectre
Replied by Leah Starspectre on topic Teacher/help
You can start in the Initiate's Programme at any time. Once you start, you'll have a IP Team member to help you if you're having trouble.

The first part of your studies (IP) is meant to be self-guided. Nobody will "teach" you as such, but you'll have help along the way!

I hop this answers your question.
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05 Dec 2016 20:27 - 05 Dec 2016 20:28 #267298 by Goken
Replied by Goken on topic Teacher/help
There is nothing wrong with receiving help and guidance. It can even be from more than one person. Some would say that everyone here has something to offer you in that regard.

I'm not 100% sure on what the rules are for starting the IP if you're a minor though. You'll have to check the FAQ for that (which I will be doing as well).

Edit: I just looked and minors are allowed to start the IP, which as Leah said is meant to be self guided.
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