Confused, what am I supposed to be trying to explain in my IP journal?

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10 Jan 2016 09:28 #220558 by Aeris*Cetra
I've been trying to begin my studies, I honestly a hard working person. I wanted to ask this qeustion, to know how I professionally write, it correctly. Want to know how to approach the subject correctly. How to give priority insights into my writing or work. If anyone can come forward to tell me how or give advice what to do. It would be will appreciated.

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10 Jan 2016 09:39 #220559 by Edan
Knights are looking for two things generally, one that you understand what you're reading/watching, two that you have some of your own thoughts on it. Journals are used by knights to identify people they might wish to approach for apprenticeship, so you need to show some of yourself in what you're writing.

That said, we're not looking for professional essays or perfect English. Just write what you think and that usually is enough.

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16 Jan 2016 10:54 #222033 by MartaLina
I have read as many Journals as i could so i would even have some clue of what was expected of me haha , i found it so wonderfull that even now i read peoples Journals to see what they think on the Lessons , and some i follow because i think they are on an interesting path.

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