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09 Jan 2016 23:25 #220476 by Almeida
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Adhara wrote: Almeida, thank you for your enthusiasm and your offer. I'm the one in charge of coordinating our translations. What I write here is valid for all who want to help with translations.

You don't need to be a knight to help with our translation efforts. However I ask you to get familiar with what we teach here. Often you can't translate a word exactly into another language. Then you need at least some basic understanding of the concepts behind it. I hope you understand that.
I started translating stuff into German when I finished the IP. We also have people who have been here for a while and not finished the IP but helped translating. A minimum of 3 months would be okay, too.
If you want to start translating things right away, please take your time with it. (Sometimes translation is the best way of understanding.)
We don't have Portuguese translations yet, so you'd be on your own for the time being.
Btw. we have Portuguese subtitles available for the Campbell videos.

If anyone want's to help with French please contact Alexandre Orion, with Spanish please contact 666 and with German please contact me.

To be honest, I'm a professional translator, and almost native-level in English, so reading/watching in English makes no difference for me. However, I started making some translations on my own of the Creed, that's something I love, and I'll probably do it for the Doctrine while I'm studying them, so whenever I finish up with the IP, I'll get back to you to be part of it.

Thanks for the answer, though.

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10 Jan 2016 16:21 #220669 by Adhara
Replied by Adhara on topic Foreign language versions of the site
I didn't know that you are a professional translator. It's very good in any case.
Also I'd ask you to contact MrBruno to coordinate your efforts. He's the one responsible for Portuguese translations.

Thank you.

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