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01 Jan 2014 10:54 #131470 by steamboat28
In Exercise 4, there are a great many media files--all of them very helpful. The Campbell interviews can be found in both audio and video (which match perfectly, because I experienced both), and the variety is very helpful. (I, personally, preferred the video to the audio, but I have a weird quirk about preferring to watch people talk rather than listen, because non-verbal communication, etc.)

When I got to "The Book..." (eventually, because I'm a slacker), I noticed that the audio files were abridged in comparison to the book, but nothing really vital (imo) was missing in the audio that wasn't in the book. It was like the audio version was the Cliff's Notes of the text version of "The Book...", but I eventually broke down and listened/read both anyhow.

Now I'm closing in on "The Field," available both in text and audio, and my experience with "The Book..." has me curious:
  • Is there a preference, either personal or a consensus, as to which versions novices use?
  • Is there anything "vital" we'll miss out on by choosing one format or the other?
  • Should we do both, if we have the time and patience to do so, just in case the differences aren't mentally on file?
  • Am I just overthinking this?

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01 Jan 2014 11:58 #131475 by Naya
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I really think it's more to do with your own preferences and what works best for you. If you get more from video or audio then do that. If you get more from reading then do that. If combining the two works best then do that. I really don't think it will change how you receive the message, though.

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01 Jan 2014 13:23 #131478 by Mareeka
Replied by Mareeka on topic IP and Audio Files
Initially, i went with what I seem to prefer naturally . . and allowed the experience . . .

Now, i am having a Q moment (the one about backward to go forward . . lol) and see the value and potential for allowing a new (broader/deeper) experience with the material by using the alternative formats, than what i initially used, with both the Campbell material and The Book.

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01 Jan 2014 13:54 #131483 by Zenchi
Replied by Zenchi on topic IP and Audio Files
When I first started the ip program nearly two years ago I had to stream the audio, and I fell asleep....a lot lol. Watching Campbell speak however, is an entirely different experience! To see the emotion and passion in his eyes really turned it around for me....

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01 Jan 2014 15:59 #131487 by Zephyrus
Replied by Zephyrus on topic IP and Audio Files
The thing about the abridged The Book is... I like it better shorter. ;)

Freedom from the Known (by Krishnamurti) is leagues better than Watts' The Book (and they cover similar material) in terms of getting the point across clearly and succinctly.

Watts tends to babble on. So, the shorter the stories are, the better for me.

When I did the IP, I did the audio. I have no patience for the written word. I have ADHD and a mild dyslexia, so I tend to have horrid reading skills. But, despite that, if you couple my audiobook listening, I read maybe 20-30 books a year.

John gave me this thousand page book to read. I haven't gotten past the first chapter because it's so difficult to read. *cries*

But, all that aside, I think you might be overthinking it a little. However, it is definitely something to think about! If you hadn't asked, then you wouldn't know.

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01 Jan 2014 16:45 #131490 by Rosalyn J
Replied by Rosalyn J on topic IP and Audio Files
I suppose that it really depends on "yourself" and the material you are studying. I consider myself an avid reader, but The Book was hard for me to grasp in text format. When I was doing the IP, someone stumbled across the audio file and I was SO happy I couldn't believe it. So, it just depends.

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