Finding the Balance

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I'm a part of the clergy, and I have studied both philosophical aspects (sith /jedi)...I do not claim to be sith, nor dark, nor light...nor do I claim complete knowledge of any one aspect....I use many "sith" type lessons as well as "jedi" type lessons in my apprenticeships, not to promote one perspective or another but to demonstrate the value of both and enable each individual to take what they like or find useful and form their own perspective...

Balance is the natural (or harmonious)'s always can swing one way or the other and usually returns on its own, but can also be influenced by humans...

Now that I've rambled long answer made short....yes one can become clergy even if they've studied both can one counsel others about suffering if they've never suffered themselves?

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Out of darkness, he brings light. Out of hatred, love. Out of dishonor, honor-james allen-
He who has conquered doubt and fear has conquered failure-james allen-
The sword is the key to heaven and hell-Mahomet-
The best won victory is that obtained without shedding blood-Count Katsu-
All men's souls are immortal, only the souls of the righteous are immortal and divine -Socrates-
I'm the best at what I do, what I do ain't pretty-wolverine

J.L.Lawson,Sr Knight, B.div, Eastern Studies S.I.G. Advisor (Formerly Known as the Buddhist Rite)
Former Masters: GM Kana Seiko Haruki , Br.John
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Former Apprentices:Adhara(knight), Zenchi (knight)
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Silvermane, I appreciate your willingness to ask this question in an open forum. Seeking different perspectives is one of the reasons I belong to this community, even when sometimes those perspectives are different than my own.

One of the lessons I have learned through my time here is that we, as humanity, like to assign labels and values to everything. This is a rock, that is another rock, and this rock weighs more than the other rock, as an example. We apply this concept mostly to determine what is of more value, leading to the lesson: good and evil are labels and values as well.

"Jedi" is a label some of us use to identify with what we have learned. Some people here learn the same thing, only to discard the label. To them, the label is irrelevant and unnecessary. William Shakespeare's Juliet spoke it well: "What's in a name? That which we call a rose/ By any other name would smell as sweet."

The role of the clergy is to support the membership here at TotJO. They help when called upon. I am in the process of ordination in the clergy, and the studies are not to specifically root you in one doctrine but to see the need for many. I encourage you to move towards whatever goals you feel called to perform. Trust your instincts. They are usually right on.
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26 Oct 2013 23:19 #122762 by Silvermane
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Alexandre - What you say makes perfect sense and actually gives me a sense of relief. I like the way you think. I've seen many of the posts you've made here and they are always intuitive and indepth. I can see that I will gain much knowledge, insight and wisdom from you and look forward to it. Thank you.

Mareeka - I agree. This place is nothing like I thought it would be. I was excited when I first started and then I got discouraged because I wasn't sure my line of thinking would be accepted here. And well, everyone has shown me that it is accepted and rather encouraged and it just made my excitment sky rocket.

Veltra - I've never believed that I was just good or just evil. I have done bad things and I've done good things. I try to help those who need it, but some times the help they need doesn't come from a "good guy" it has to come from someone who has been down that path. Who has felt the pain and suffering and can show people how to cross the "Minefield of Life" and come out the other side still alive and not missing any limbs.

RyuJin - You are yet another one I've seen that has many indepth posts and is full of knowledge and wisdom that I would like to tap into. The fact that you have also learned both sides and continue to move down the center is something I find to be extremely rare. I'm sure many people here do it, but in general every day society, people bounce from one extreme to the other or just stay in one of the extremes. I do not wish to live like that. I want to look at both sides and give my knowledge on how it works and spread that knowledge to all who will listen.

Archon - I don't feel I need to wish you luck with your Ordination because you seem a rather capable individual and the fact that you can show that intellect here with what you speak of about labels is enough to tell me that you would make for a great Clergy member and are informative in the ways that helps individuals and lets them see a broader picture. That my friend, is what will make you a great member of the Clergy. I hope to get some more great lessons from you soon. I have a natural affinity to help people and love to make others smile or just brighten their days so they know that no matter how bad things can get, there is always someone there to be that shoulder to cry on, be that solid Earth to brace them and hold them up and be the friend that no one else is there to be.

You all have given me many great thoughts and juicy tidbits that have made my day go from a good one to a FANTASTIC one and I'm listening to the lessons in Lesson 4 so I can continue my training.

Thanks again and May the Force be with you all always!

~Randall Silvermane

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27 Oct 2013 01:02 - 27 Oct 2013 01:06 #122773 by Rickie The Grey
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Live your life well, follow your feelings and be kind. You will inspire others. Love in all it's forms is the most powerful energy in our life force. Can't do much better than that.
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27 Oct 2013 05:17 #122807 by Jayden
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Then you will become a member of the Clergy.

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