A humble request for a final bit of counsel before starting again

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20 Sep 2013 01:39 #118988 by Nephilim
After perusing all the entries from my journal, it has become evident that this journal is no longer appropriate. Is there anyone who can delete it, so that I can create a new journal that will be more in keeping with the new IP? -Nephilim.

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20 Sep 2013 01:47 #118989 by Jestor
We do not delete things...

Keeping the old journal would show your progression...:)

However, giving up the past has merits too...;)

My advice, would be to let this one fade away if you are done with it, it falls into the TOTJO history, and begin a new journal...:)

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20 Sep 2013 02:42 #118997 by Zephyrus
I agree with Jestor, allow it to sink into TOTJO purgatory.

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