Is this fun or real?

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24 Aug 2013 13:09 - 24 Aug 2013 13:56 #116133 by guestscord
Is this fun or real? was created by guestscord
I found this group by accident through (please forgive me if this is an inappropriate link - I'll erase it if it is inappropriate);_ylt=Ap...0130814163256AApgJon , but I have already heard of people selecting "Jedi" as their religion on official censuses. At first I thought it was a joke, that people were purposely just spoiling their answers with a nonsense answer, but then I found this website. I did some research through the code and doctrine, and I thought that it isn't a bad thing so much.

I am a Christian, but as far as I can tell I agree with all of the doctrines of the TotJO. If I am correct, and this religion is sincere, then I will probably want to join. I will never renounce my current faith, but I would like to add Jedi. I believe that a person can hold beliefs which are internally consistent, and applicable to a multitude of faiths. I currently consider myself a Christian Buddhist with Taoist leanings. I believe in the support and acceptance of current scientific theory for the purposes of furthering technologies and an understanding of the Universe and therefore God/the Force/Buddha/the Tao/Brahman.

However I am disturbed by the proclamation which seemed to rapidly generate support that "This is just for fun. Calling it a religion just makes it seem more real and credible. But calling it a religion also reveals that these people do not believe that there is a true religion, which only serves to work against their own image and sense of importance."

Although I do believe that none of us (people who profess any religion) have it (the understanding of the universe) completely right (true as it actually is), I also believe that there is one singular truth which we are all striving for, and some have more of it correct than others. I also believe that every religion seeks to be more true, and evolves over time according to that investigation. Unfortunately, some (such as the Westboro Baptists) have become fixated on one notion of their faith and have thereby devolved.

Is this a joke to many Jedi (EDIT:: in other words: insincere and ironic in nature, not to be confused with an honest pursuit of truth), or is this an honest and sincere investigation of Truth through the language and philosophy shared by this community (EDIT:: allowing for the use of humour, fun, and irony to convey truth rather than hide it)? Can I, as a devout Christian, seek the Truth with the help of the community of TotJO and consider myself to also be Jedi (so long as I don't proselytize - I may share my faith, but only as a means of constructive information and never as a means of criticism or as an attempt to undermine any of the doctrines of the TotJO)?
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24 Aug 2013 13:33 #116135 by sidvkili
Replied by sidvkili on topic Is this fun or real?
it's for real.

we're a friendly bunch though.

don't have much else to say

may the force be with you? I don't know...

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24 Aug 2013 13:48 #116137 by Zephyrus
Replied by Zephyrus on topic Is this fun or real?

I know that's a tricky answer because it will probably mislead you. But, I can't lie. haha.

It is for real. We take the Force very seriously and we take the principles of Jediism very seriously. Harming nobody, creating peace, being the best we can be.. these are all very serious tenets that true Jedi hold to.

But, at the same time, it is for fun. Why must religion be serious? Why must the rituals be serious? We have humorous leaders who breed humorous students.

It all depends on how you see "serious".

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24 Aug 2013 14:23 #116140 by Vusuki
Replied by Vusuki on topic Is this fun or real?
There's alot of different people here of all backgrounds and ideas, and perhaps there are those who do join without reading what it's about and treating it as a joke, but I really don't think they stay long. The people who stick here, who've been here a while- you realize the majority of people are pretty serious about Jediism and then others who just enjoy being part of the community (even though they wouldn't claim to be Jedi). Everyone takes the site and learns at their own pace. It's not all serious though- we here do have alot fun together as well, and humor binds people well- DON'T STEAL JESTOR'S COOKIES! :p (this will surely come up at some point..)
Just try it out for yourself and see whether you enjoy it as well, Enjoy your journey :)
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24 Aug 2013 15:30 - 25 Aug 2013 00:24 #116144 by Jestor
Replied by Jestor on topic Is this fun or real?
Ex-catholic here...

Many people here still subscribe to their "original" faith...

Christianity being the most common...:)

The biggest thing, I think, is the improvement with yourself, and tolerance of others.....

Hangout, join the conversations, read, listen, and think about what you see...

The serious people here, like myself, join and stay... It is true that many join to just call themselves "jedi"...

I just found this on facebook this morning and am going to post it on our facebook later...

So, I hope you stay a while...

Either way, please enjoy your life's journey...:)...

(Hey! I share my cookies!! sometimes!!.. lol)

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24 Aug 2013 17:52 #116154 by RyuJin
Replied by RyuJin on topic Is this fun or real?
Reality is nothing more than a matter of perspective created by your minds interpretation of information gathered by your senses and experience

But yes for us it is both real and fun....beware any religious leader without a sense of me any religion that cannot laugh at itself is dangerous...we can see proof of this in the news at any time...

During the last u.s. census I did in fact select jedi (had to write it in)

@ jestor ex-catholic :ohmy: no wonder you eat so many's that catholic guilt revealing itself :laugh: :evil:

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24 Aug 2013 18:03 #116155 by Alexandre Orion
I can't think of a time I wasn't a Jedi. Of course, I may not have know what it was called or would be called ; the basic beliefs are the same. The basic ones anyway ...


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