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30 Jun 2013 04:08 #111181 by Vesha
Help with Exercise 5 & 6 was created by Vesha
Exercise 5

Does anyone have some good resources for paganism. The stuff I'm finding is extremely varied to the point I'm not sure if I'm looking at the right stuff. Also, do we need to right about old paganism or the new paganism/Wicca stuff?

Exercise 6

Does anyone have any good references for what semantics are my web searches oddly turn up nothing. Everyone seems to be amazed I've never heard of Didactics or Semantics. I Think it must be something that doesn't exist in my part of the world or it goes by some other name. Thanks to Brenna for sending me a link for Didactics.

Finally, Etiquette (Both In the physical world and in written form)are we talking about Customs and courtesies and about writing grammar?

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30 Jun 2013 06:20 #111185 by RyuJin
Replied by RyuJin on topic Help with Exercise 5 & 6
Paganism is widely varied, best bet would be new age websites, as to which to write about....a little of both would be good, but it's really up to you...

Semantics,didactics,etiquette....a good english dictionary should be able to define the words, from there you can discuss your understanding of them...etiquette...mainly customs and manners as grammar tends to vary from region to region...

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30 Jun 2013 06:51 #111187 by Alexandre Orion
Here's a not-so-bad overview :

But as said Ryu, 'paganism' (as one would call it) is a broad spectrum of that encompasses uncountable beliefs and practices. You know, sort of like that one kitchen drawer that gets what you don't know where else to put ...

If you would really like to jump in a swim a bit, here's another :


Here is one of the better on-line dictionaries :

Have fun, Vesha ! :cheer:

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30 Jun 2013 13:35 #111201 by Alan
Replied by Alan on topic Help with Exercise 5 & 6
Alexander Orion's suggested site are excellent as is his definition. There are a wide variety of neo-pagan new religious movements. See also -

Wicca is a kind of neo-paganism. See - Gaias Womb:

My own spiritual community emphasizes earth sensitive spirituality ( ).

There are different kinds of Druids. Two examples are:
Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship (ADF) ( )
The Archdruids Report ( )

There are Norse/Asatru neo-pagan revivals. (see - )

In depth articles by experts: The Pomegranate, International Journal of Pagan Studies ( )

see also works by Margot Adler, Charles Clifton, Starhawk.
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