Hello again.

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21 Jun 2013 06:37 #110069 by SatoTurner
Hello again. was created by SatoTurner
Hello, my name is Sato and I used to come here but I suppose I had given up jedism for some time...I never had forgotten thou..I was originally planning on posting this in the introduction section because I'm not sure if anyone remembered my username or anything like that but the reason I posted this here is because I'm confused and need help. I'm confused about a few of the basic Jedi teachings and want to learn more but I need help because I do not have a computer. I am using an iPhone. Will I still be able to receive audio files and lessons? Or is there some other ways that I'll have to do things? Also, to all the masters or admins, I plan on updating what I have wrote in my journal...is that alright? If I can't receive audio files and stuff I'm fine with adventuring thru the forums..

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22 Jun 2013 00:42 #110180 by Wendaline
Replied by Wendaline on topic Hello again.
Good luck and I hope you find what you're looking for. I don't use TOTJO on a phone, so I'm not any help, but I'm sure others will be.

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22 Jun 2013 04:49 #110223 by RyuJin
Replied by RyuJin on topic Hello again.
You should be able to with the appropriate apps, etc for playing the files and downloading...some of our admins use phones, I'm using an android phone to reply to this...

I do remember you joining a looooong while back, welcome back....

I'm sure an admin will read this thread and be able to give you more info on using the iphone...

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25 Jun 2013 04:52 #110708 by SatoTurner
Replied by SatoTurner on topic Hello again.
Well thanks guys.:) I will be switching back in forth from my android phone to my girlfriends iPhone which I use as well. One particular problem I can't figure out is how to change my profile picture with my HTC. I haven't tried with the iPhone yet but I think it might work with that. I'm sure I'll figure it out anyway thou. Once again, thanks!

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