Exercise V: World Religions

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24 Apr 2013 18:09 #104501 by Leandros Von
Exercise V: World Religions was created by Leandros Von
Hello all and sorry to be a pain but could someone point me in the direction of what the context of the essay for Exercise V should be ?

I'm confused as to whether or not it should be the breaking down of the fundamental beliefs of each religion on a whole, or whether it should be an explanation of what the religions are.

I know I could have looked in someone else's Journal but I do not want to do that incase I become derivative in reading it over.

thanks in advance for your guidance.

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24 Apr 2013 18:19 - 24 Apr 2013 18:39 #104507 by Alexandre Orion

You're not being a pain. And even if you were, we have healers ...

What I would tell you is to do precisely what you avoided doing.

Look and see how others have handled it.

As it were, it could be a breakdown of the fundamental beliefs of each, or and explanation of how it works ... on the other hand, researching a lot of demographic information will not help you (and it would be boring as hell for the rest of us -- except maybe for Akkarin ...)

Remember, the Initiates Programme is to help you know you better, us to know you better, and you to become acquainted with the many pathways and practices by which one can encounter/feel the Force. So, get some inspiration from others' journals (don't copy though) and remember to follow your gut. What is important to you is important to us. In time, what has become important to us, shall become important to you ...

Am I speaking in riddles and paradoxes ? Yes -- that is the language of the Force.


Chaque homme a des devoirs envers l'homme en tant qu'homme.
~ Henri Bergson
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