The importance of the Shopkeeper

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Good day and good time zone everyone. May the Force be with y'all. This is for every Jedi present today.

In the Hero's Journey, we can find much, from paths to people to new ideas. There is a lot to this that can be said about the entire world and how it relates to us. In this type of setting, we frequent the Mentor and the Apprentice.

There is another idea of mentorship out there I would like to chat about, and it is that of the metaphorical shopkeeper. Not every part in the Journey calls for a teacher, the muse, the experienced warrior- all the time. Not every journey needs certified people with certificates for you at the end. Not every quest is the main quest, in life as in the Hero's Journey, there are side quests. Some ideas, paths, and people do not provide or require all the pomp and circumstance that some ideas do.

Patience has ZERO pomp and circumstance when it comes to building and learning it. It is for the everyday ideas that we have those everyday people. In my own study, I have found that most epiphanies or reflections come when you're involved in life and the flow of it, and you have made space for it. Things do happen with or without understanding in time and this is what the shopkeeper is for. In video games, myth, and literature there is a character represented by the person behind the counter. The Shopkeeper. They rise and fall to a schedule that we can count on and have resources that we need some days.
The Shopkeeper is in charge of gifts, tools, ideas and information. They can be anyone from anywhere and the whole reason they are present is to have the OASIS ready for the Hero and those around. There is a HUGE difference in the mentor and the shopkeeper. Think about it. So, I ask this today, are you more of a shopkeeper or a mentor? There are many different parts we can play and even do as humans. I personally give my services and time and effort in form of RESOURCES at times. Call me a Shopkeeper any day. If I got it, you could have it or I will show you where or who to get it from. This is an essential piece of a grand idea. We may be mentors and students and teachers but... who's holding what? Who's got what I need for this next trip or time on my path? Where are those faithful shopkeepers at? I may have need or may send people your way. This is something to think about and chat with if you like. Where are the shopkeepers? Are you one? Know any?
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