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I am not a cat person but the more I do study the more I find that cats... YEA CATS have been a beneficial and a part of a healthy balance for some. So my question is legibly, do you use your animals when you meditate? Cat people in particular. Do they really calm you like they say they do? Care to share? I do have animals that are present. Dare to share?
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20 May 2022 07:17 #368156 by zxSnake
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Ahoy Master Carlos, I have 2 cats currently in my home. I can tell you that one of them in particular can tell when I'm not feeling well, or if I'm feeling sad. He will come find me sitting alone or whatever, and sometimes he won't leave me alone until I pay attention to him. Now, he does this sort of thing when he wants to be scratched and pet and such, but he seems to be extra pushy about it if I'm upset about something for sure.
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20 May 2022 07:55 #368158 by Vincent Causse
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Okay i ve 3 cats the older is very attuned with my wife s emotions , if she s sad he will be there for her, if she s angry he wont , when the kids and me do our morning meditation he never missed it ! It seems to help the kids relax too. Now try to meditate or relax with a cat sitting on your lap or your chest and feel the pure! my cat are too obnoxious for that :-X but it can help.
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