...lets talk about Trees please?

28 Oct 2021 04:46 #363634 by Vincent Causse
Trees , we need them, more than ever, but we still cut them, while they are majestical beings we transform them into the worse of the products we use on our daily life! from the simple bit of paper or toilet paper, matches to use only once and light a fire and so many other use we seem not to be able to remplace. We call the use of wood earthy or ecologic but it isnt. Cutting trees, destroying forest is nothing of ecological. But we do have the means to stop cutting trees ! and remplace wood, earth is not short of solutions! lets start by our Japanese brothers who have a already long dated technic that is called the Daisugi wood growing technic I am sadly incapable to insert videos in here but feel free to search by your self. Then paper made of tree wood can be replaced Banana stem, sugar canne, hemp, flax , papyrus and mulberry. That is what i ve found out so far. Bamboo can remplace wood in many ways, plywood can be made with bamboo, wooden floor, all sort of furniture's. The solutions are there, all that remain is to let go at our habits and make changes. I know, easier say than done.
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18 Nov 2021 19:14 #364169 by For-Emris
As a child, when I was seven years old, I became very ill. And I was in the hospital for eight months. The main memory is the view from the window of the hospital ward - a pine forest. After that, I didn't like trees for many years. I preferred the city, houses, roads. Most of all, I did not like the botanical garden, since I was beginning to have a strong allergy to smells, including flowers on trees (pear, apple, even chestnut).
Years have passed. Gradually, the allergy to the smell of trees disappeared (although I still can't stand the smell of flowers).
When I entered the Path of the Jedi, I took up saberfighting. In the summer, our trainings took place in the forest, on a mountain in Kiev. I have often been there among the trees. Once, I mixed up the days, and came to training on the day when there was no training. Of course, I didn't want the time to be wasted. And, I began to train myself. Work out blows, movements. At some point, I realized that if I continue to do everything the same, but closing my eyes, then I begin to feel the forest better. And the Force flowing through the trees. It was wonderful.

Love is a manifestation of the Force that unites all living creatures ...
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