Legitimization of a Religion

11 Sep 2019 13:31 #343546 by J. K. Barger
"In his article Sanderson argues from ample textual and epigraphic evidence that Saivism rose to its position of dominance by expanding and adapting its repertoire to contain a body of rituals and normative prescriptions that legitimated, empowered, or promoted the key elements of the social, political and economic process that in its various regional adaptations characterized the working of the state in the early medieval period."


This is a pretty interesting article read. When I came across this. my eyes feel like they became "bigger than my belly", and couldn't help but ask, "does Jediism do this?" How would this look if it were to do so? Thoughts?

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11 Sep 2019 14:10 #343547 by Carlos.Martinez3
"Our religion is syncretic in nature, meaning it is based in part on existing traditions. " Temple of the Jedi Order

If we believe in the value of all - that would included any label brought to the “table” by each of us. If being a modern day Jeddist is essentially a decision to claim, then the possibility’s of what can come together are seemingly already present, not the modern day Jeddist.
For me this idea lives in the world. That idea of a real acceptance more than tolerance. I’ve felt it with others with different labels not my own. We’ve coined a phrase and made it ready for those willing but as far as our doctrine- those ideas truly belong to the world - to those often mature enough or seasoned enough to be able - they are character traits to some. Our religion isn’t ours - it’s everyones - I had a friend tell me - “dude , your Jedi ism is well, essentially, your just being a better human being.” So yea , we can coin praises and label reminders of what it is and where it’s from but for me the title Jedist allows me to receive a lot more than if I didn’t.
So to answer you directly from me and only me- yea , Jedi ism can do this. If it’s up to the individual to find their own balance of things then - Modern day Jeddist can bring it all or nothing- just depends if who’s hand the saber is in and the skill and intent behind it.

I acted like a Jeddist before I was A Jeddist. When I found out what a modern day Jeddist can be - I became me.
You will find Jeddist with modern and older ideas in the present balance. So- for some that’s a lot of freedom. Some fly - some fall.
All churches can de what WE do- any one can do what I do. Yet , few will. When we legitimize , I think it makes things easier to practice and live for me. After a while - the search can become the practice and try - why look if ya ain’t gunna do nothing?

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12 Sep 2019 01:30 - 12 Sep 2019 01:32 #343562 by Adder
Replied by Adder on topic Legitimization of a Religion
Nah, not so much for me. Certainly could be taken that way from different points of view though, by affording a vehicle that dates back to 'magic', in the space between science and religion, by joining the long list of evolving spiritualities which seek to both anchor into reality but also reach into the depths of the unknown potentials of unusual experiences. So long as science changes then the spirituality that meets those changes might have utility for some people interested in that area. But I don't think its required to make sense of society and participate successfully in it.

For me, I think it might actually be the nature of sentience to push the envelope of awareness, and as such there will always be a depth of unknown (potential?) to give shape to that inner light. I think that is where religion developed as organized spirituality, if I had to guess. That 'light' for me being the Force, and connection to it as priority for a Jedi, such that application benefits from it, not the other way around. For me at least, Jediism aim's to meet those core processes almost as if they are the why of existence! Akin to a 'need' perhaps, to build a fancier cup, or vehicle, then yesterday - that serves both the interests of my ethical system and the development and application of the religious application so they work together in a productive course. But these days lifes way too comfortable for people to bother with it until they really need it, and then they treat it like a typical consumer and want it fast, cheap and tasty no matter if it actually works.

But adult'ing is not that hard for me personally, besides not really fitting in sometimes socially, for the 'State' is generally structured in such a way (in the 'West') that it accepts a wide range of sub-optimum conduct as the normal. There will always be higher and lower achievers at different times, based on various factors both temporary and permanent, but for me Jediism is about pushing towards a useful future paradigm more then meeting the current state of the State, and by virtue of that focus its how benefit can be applied in the current times.

So the most useful bits from everything past, present and emerging, all put into an 'order' of pragmatic self development is part of it for me yes, and taking ownership of it as a practise and walking of it as a path (by its nature as application and open to change) is what makes it a richer process... but for me its probably more about making the cup a better cup, then just trying to fill the same ole one with a more socially acceptable beverage, else we end up going round in circles as reactionary to things we really are not responsible for.

Maybe then the attraction of Jedi has been in part to that grounding in humility, dedication to path, such that it represented an appearance of moral integrity - but I doubt it. I don't reckon Jediism will rise to dominance (prominence), rather its just got one of the tastier baits in the fiction franchise which feeds various folk into exploring related themes, IMO. That said, I think its probably the right approach for a Space faring spirituality, to be well versed in de-realization and de-personalization to build mental endurance etc, for one would assume the physical requirements will be part of the engineering solution to Space operations as much as the propulsion and structure systems! Sitting in a washing machine (no matter how big) for long spaces of time will test many if it ever comes to pass. Kennedy talked about a new ocean, and I think the engineering side is the least of the concerns, it might be the new ocean is an ancient one inside our skulls!! Sure the butthurtered will say Space is not relevant to anyone, but many folk push boundaries or have boundaries pushed on them, and if the mental structures are the same, then the tools and techniques should be as well IMO.

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