Let Us Breath New Life

28 May 2020 14:40 #352318 by Zanthan Storm
Good Day,

I am Michael, known as Zanthan Storm. IRL. most call me Z (because my name is difficult to pronounce).

I have questions. Many questions, as they form the bases of debate and reason. There are not many wrong answers to these as they are matters of philosophy. In my years with my physical congregation I have found that debate spurs interest, spurs enlightenment and while there are some displeasure about having an opinion disagreed with. It is better to refine your point of view or stand your ground, it is this unbending improvement of self that, in my humble opinion, allows a Jedist to be a lifetime learner and a better person.

The questions. Select one, select two or maybe three and post your response. You do not have to subscribe to the Abrahamic Rite to participate. As outside opinions, I have found, help!

1. What do we say to life when require faith? How do we connect to our Everlasting Force when we seek strength or wisdom?

2. Which is better, seeking knowledge or wisdom as a Jediist?

3. Is a distraction-less, solitude better than a busy, rapid life to attune ourselves to creation (life/the world around us)?

4. Can you train in one religion and then believe in another? Do they counteract eachother? Do they have to?

5. The last of this first list. Death, how do you see it, should it be feared? Why?

Zanthan Storm
AKA Rev. Michael Ziskovsky OCP D.D.

Arch-bishop Abrahamic Rite
Master Knight of Jediism
Founder of Roseville, MN Chapter of TOTJO

3rd Degree Master Mason
Past Master: GM Neaj Pa Bol
Past Apprentices: Sr. Knight Kira, Knight Myos, Doriann

"Let no one thing control your life, seek to be complete and at peace."
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