About Six Months Ago...An Open Letter to the Knights, Council, and Community

01 Mar 2020 18:44 #350105 by Rosalyn J
To the Knights, Council, and Community of the Temple of the Jedi Order

I am formally writing to petition my ranks be restored. I do not believe that my reason to request they be removed to have been out of order. That being said, there have been steps to remedy those issues initially pointed out during my resignation:

As I related at the time of my resignation of oaths and offices I was not able to continue under the simple oath and solemn vow while maintaining leadership within my offline church, but since I have removed myself from leadership there I do not feel that to be at issue.

Further, because of my Christian faith I am not permitted to take oaths, so I have re-written the oath and vows (which I will call affirmations) so that they maintain the same spirit and also meet the requirement.

The new text is below:

I Rosalyn Johnson, without reservation, choose the Jedi Path with all its duties and responsibilities. I will uphold the Jedi teachings and live the life worthy of a Jedi. (simple affirmation)

I, Rosalyn Johnson born on January 18, 1986,without reservation choose to devote myself to the Jedi path. I will uphold the Jedi teachings,fulfil the duties and responsibilities of a knight, and cultivate an understanding of the Force." (solemn affirmation)

Further still, the issue of the Temple not providing a spiritual space is slowly being improved. Some of that is coming as a shift in my own perspective and some changes are slowly happening within the Temple such that I feel we are on the right track

I write this in hope. I am confident that there has been some good change, both in myself and the Temple.


Rosalyn M. Johnson

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02 Mar 2020 13:12 #350123 by Lumella
I think you are very brave, it takes a big person to pick up what was once such a burden!

The temple is lucky to have you.

May the Force be with you :cheer:

I am a Jedi; I am responsible for how I act. I am mindful of and accountable to my actions.
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