Banning of Kyrin Wyldstar

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12 Jun 2019 11:52 - 12 Jun 2019 23:52 #339603 by Karn
Banning of Kyrin Wyldstar was created by Karn
After considerable contemplation regarding the history of the relationship between Kyrin and this temple, we've concluded that Kyrin's methods and intentions do not agree with the spirit of and intentions of the church. Due to this long-standing incompatibility and its consequences, many valuable and potentially valuable members have regrettably ceased participation. Unfortunately, after multiple attempts to resolve these differences, no sufficient changes or evidence of consideration, by Kyrin, of this temple's membership have developed. Due to the long-standing state of prejudicial effects caused by a record of disagreeable behavior, the active college of knights have by majority decided that Kyrin is to be suspended from the Temple of the Jedi Order indefinitely.

The following Knights body were present/participants in the active college of knights vote:

Zenchi, Rosalyn J, Eleven, Firewolf, J.K.Barger, J_Roz, Wescli Wardest, Raxicorico, Loudzoo, V-Tog, RyuJin, Thomaswfaulkner, LTK, Proteus, MadHatter, Tellahane, Steamboat28, TheDude, Locksley, Adder.

The results of said vote was as follows:

The count is 20 votes:
Consent: 13 - Permanent Ban
Consent: 2 - 1 year
Consent: 1 - 6 months to one year
Consent: 2 - 6 months
Abstain: 2
Last edit: 12 Jun 2019 23:52 by Karn. Reason: Edited for the particulars of the vote for record keeping.

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