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I'm guessing ren spoke up because he was one of the few people who actually knew the true story and was willing to set the record straight in a discussion about it.

There is a tendency to align to one side or the other and draw lines - but there is no real need to attack the Temple. Its a discussion forum, and people discuss.... the replies stemmed from the emotion coming from the 332173. Aggression creates defense mechanisms and attack mechanisms depending on how one sees themselves aligned in the 'conflict' asserted as the cause of the emotion... its human nature I guess.

Consider though that from different perspectives different people appear as bad as each other and in those situations its often seen by an outsider as just two camps of monkeys doing the same poop slinging and blaming the other bloke for everyone being covered in poop.

At least the nature of the replies show where each person is at in their training, for it is a training temple after all. So long as people are not breaking rules or abusing the system then being on the 'wrong' side of an argument is not a failure of the debate - its a failure of a particular argument within a debate. No need to attack the Temple for facilitating discussion, even when it is a less then glowing testament to the focus on training!!!!

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11 Jan 2019 01:05 - 11 Jan 2019 01:15 #332250 by Zenchi
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Alethea Thompson wrote: Ren, seriously- this isn't your fight. I don't know why you're trying to pitch your own fit. Honestly, I don't know why most of you felt the need to jump into the discussion. You all could have easily just watched and seen what happens. There are wild accusations from ToTJO members too, it's not just a misunderstanding from the administrator of FA.

There's no need to pressure Br. John in either direction, and you guys don't even have the first idea as to what the circumstances were surrounding his purchasing the domain. So why not let him and Satelle continue their dispute (hopefully at this point it can go to private message, since there are so few sensible people in this thread already), and leave the peanut gallery out.

Geez, and you guys wonder why there is so much chaos amongst the ToTJO membership... It's because there are key members that don't have a modicum of discipline and cause a MASSIVE deterrence from espirit de corps.

At least this non-sense doesn't happen in the ToTJO Discord groups, save ever-so-sparingly and then is quashed quickly.

/leaves room permanently

"They" get involved because they can, they're bitter, and have absolutely nothing better to do with their time. They feel entitled and feed on the energy their drama creates...

Pay attention people, this right here is why we lose Knights, Apprentices and members alike. Do nothing, play it safe, and it will get worse...

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11 Jan 2019 02:00 #332256 by ren
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Ren, seriously- this isn't your fight. I don't know why you're trying to pitch your own fit.

Someone was accused of something they didnt do, and being pressured to part with their property. It is my fight if i want to make it mine.

There was no misunderstanding. It takes a few seconds to perform a whois on a domain and see who the squatters are. The business which owns forceacademy.com is not br.john or any other member of totjo.

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11 Jan 2019 06:50 #332263 by Br. John
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Satelle wrote: Updating this, since the FA site at forceacademy.us has been up and running for a year now.

As noted, the co.uk owner was not communicating, and a new domain was bought. Unfortunately, forceacademy.com, the original domain from the late 90s, is held by a member of this order at the generous price of over $6000. Given the same person apparently owns forceacademy.org, I cannot imagine it being acquired by the current maintainer of the FA legacy, me.

The legacy of the Force Academy will continue, no matter what domain name, and I'm not going to pay the ransom for the original domain so that someone can make a substantial profit. If he wishes to considerably drop his price or discover a Jedi's generosity, I'm all ears. To my knowledge, he did not while we were struggling to transition the site, but we survived anyway. Until then, I am happy to let it cost him a little money each year to renew it.

That said, we're up and running at www.forceacademy.us . The .us stands for US, which is better than .opportunisticprofit.

Nobody ever asked me for the domain. As you see in the earlier posts in this thread Alethea asked me to forward it and nothing more.

I’ve never listed the domain for sale.

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