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10 Sep 2007 03:56 #6864 by War Beauty
It's Natural... was created by War Beauty
this will be extremely brief, but i would like to share this thought with you as it was taught to me by my mentors.

Kennings ( i believe was his name) was an emptomologist (guy who studies bugs). He studied how they acted and what was natural. If a whole bunch of insects did this one thing, he labeled that natural to insects. One day he decided to study humans in their sexual behaviors, the same way he studied bugs. He saw that some people would do things multiple times. He concluded that this was natural for them. This was a great mistake or error on his end.

Aristotle was a great philosopher. He studied people, not bugs. He concluded after watching humans for his whole life, that reaching their full potential as individuals was natural. Everything on the outside was not.

For example, we all know about acorns right? If you put it in good ground, give it nutrients, and sunshine and water it grows into a mighty oak tree. That's what's natural for the acorn. However.....plant it under a cliff so it can't get sunlight, don't care for it and put it in harsh ground...the tree is weak and bent. This is not natural for the acorn.

so the same is for people. We were created to reach our fullest potential. THAT is what is natural. And you can't just reach your greatest by feeling. No, feeling isn't enough, you've got to use your intellect. You have a brain for a reason.

So don't stunt your growth, and squash your potential by outside feelings and distractions. Be like the acorn in good soil. And grow to be the mighty oak you are supposed to be!


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10 Sep 2007 04:22 #6867 by Twsoundsoff
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Yes indeed, I like this...if you are open to one small correction...

Emptomologist=One who studies words that appear to lack any clear etymology or background

Entomologist=One who studies insects


not only do we have a brain for a reason...we have a brain to reason...

This is very uplifting and has a great message. Good work

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10 Sep 2007 04:25 #6868 by War Beauty
Replied by War Beauty on topic It's Natural...
ah yes! thank you for that correction Brother

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10 Sep 2007 08:52 #6875 by Jon
Replied by Jon on topic It's Natural...
We all, without exception, have the power to change, to learn and to improve our lives. And even though luck, intelligence, talent, dedication... may play an important part in this, the search for happiness is no less important. In our search for happiness we ultimately choose to want to be happy, we choose to be self-confident or we choose to be successful. To live up to your full potential means making a conscious decision!

KNOW YOUR POTENTIAL in the things you have done, you are doing and would like to do. This includes the things which we see with critical eyes. Instead of putting yourself down, with reasons for why something should not happen, try and find reasons as to why things in your life should or could happen. Focusing on our strengths enables us to decide.

To decide for practicality (eg a job with more money...) instead of something which is you is yet another wall in the search of our potential. Here enthusiam, interest and motivation are the vital catalysts on our journey.

It is also important to keep both feet on the ground when we decide for something or set our goals, otherwise the third wall of frustration, dissappointment or unhappiness will stop you. Set reasonable goal for reasonable times. Take one small step at a time. And for goodness sake don`t be dissappointed if things don`t work out the way you`ve planned because failure is also a part of the learning experience, and don`t compare your selves with others because there will always be someone better than yourself. In light of all of this use your imagination and mind to know what you ultimately want and what it takes, by:
-respecting other`s opinions
-being true to your own convictions
-watching emotional reactions which may cloud your judgement
-infecting others with your enthusiasm

Everyone of us have undreamed of potentials which are just waiting to be discovered. As I`ve already mentioned before everyone one of us is a potential Einstein, Mozart, Federer, Yoda, Shakespeare, Laurence Olivier, Ghandi, Mother Theresa, Buddha, Christ... . Go for it, the Force is with us and the Force will be our prize!

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