OK, I'm a member, now what?

23 Nov 2021 21:30 - 23 Nov 2021 21:53 #364280 by River
Hello, welcome to the Temple of the Jedi Order! We're genuinely glad to have you. If you're new, you should have a welcome message from our intake team in your inbox within the first few days of your joining us. It shares a few good initial links and pointers, but of course please jump right in whenever you're ready.

You're always welcome to ask questions as you navigate this sometimes overwhelming place, but the intake team is tasked especially with helping new people gain their footing. So, what questions do you have? How can we help?
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23 Nov 2021 21:43 - 23 Nov 2021 21:52 #364281 by Kobos
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Hi everyone!

I wanted to drop a line here as I am on the intake team with the awesome River whom posted above and our other accomplice cool Kira!

I have been in and out/around the temple here for about 5 years and am happy to have been able to study under some great folks and beside some more. By day I am a social worker by night I sleep. I am kind of a goof ball so I will crack bad jokes. My path has taken me many directions and I always love a good discussion. I feel that is probably one of the most important things to my path, having those discussions with people to help open and adapt my perceptions. I was terrified as a new member beginning a Jedi journey but I have found I can be the goof I always have been while still learning! I do recommend having some discussion on the forums as the semi-essay style makes it a little easier to convey meaning when diving into deep views which leads to some awesome conversations.

I am more than happy to try and direct you to whatever resource you may need! Please feel free to shoot me a PM.

Much love, respect and peace,

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23 Nov 2021 21:47 - 23 Nov 2021 21:52 #364282 by River
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Hello, I'm River, and I'm on the intake team. You can reach me here or in the Temple Discord. I'm usually around but if I'm not immediately available I am typically able to respond with an hour or two (except from about 2am til 10am GMT, cause, ya know, I gotta sleep sometime ;) ).

When I first got here, a while ago now, I was very confused and overwhelmed. I didnt understand how to navigate the site or what exactly was expected of me as a new member. A few people reached out to help me find my feet and I'm happy that I can pay that thoughtfulness forward by serving the Temple on the intake team.

Please don't hesitate to reach out either on this thread or privately about anything at all, even if you feel like it might be silly or you're feeling a bit shy. I promise you, someone else will have had the same questions or concerns. One of the great things about the Temple is that it can really help you to realize you aren't alone. It certainly has for me.

I was first here for several months about 4 years ago, and then took a long break. I just wasn't ready to be here yet; I had to build myself a firmer foundation before I was ready to expand. Early this year I felt ready to try again though, and I came back in March 2021. I'm now an apprentice and I'm looking forward to being an active Temple member for a good long while.
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