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24 May 2013 14:17 #107458 by StephenZuckerman
Discussion Thread - SZ's Journal was created by StephenZuckerman
While there isn't much there, just yet, I'm actually very interested in the comments, questions, and other feedback of all Temple members on my Journal: Found here, click through.

A Journal is a place for one to work through the lessons in the Initiate Program, and (if I understand correctly) once taken on as an Apprentice. I believe my reflections and studies will benefit greatly from a broadened perspective, where others can venture thoughts that may not have occurred to me. Clarifying points and answering questions, too, can only help develop my understanding of the concepts involved.

This will also help keep me on-track, as I'm still working (aren't we all?) on self-discipline and focus... Particularly as it relates to hopping on a computer and typing up essays.

If the concept for this thread is one that's out-of-line with the way the Temple prefers to do things, I'm content with it being locked or deleted, though I'd hope to get a message with the associated reasons.

May the Force be with you.

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24 May 2013 15:36 - 24 May 2013 15:39 #107464 by Jestor
I will publicly post them here...;)

We do not allow others to comment in journals because it gets in the way of the journal being checked...

A journal, as we use it here, is not really for discussion...

Threads have a way of going off track, and we hope to keep this to a minimum by restricting the posts to the bare minimum...

KNights and above, besides the journals owners, are all that is allowed to post in journals...
EDIT: and even Knights and above, we ask for it to be done sparingly...;)

We delete comments without even reading them... And we have gotten messages from journal owners asking for comments from others to be removed, as well as 'thank you's from them when we beat them to the idea...

We cannot allow it in some, and not in others... The discrepancy causes even more work for our already overworked staff...

I have answered, what I thought were questions in journals, only to be told publicly, or via PM, that the question was rhetorical, and only there for the student to ask themself...

I hope this clears it up for you...:)

Any other questions, please feel free to ask....

Also, as this is not about 'Jediism', I have moved it...;)

Good luk, and carry on...:)

On walk-about...

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Jedi ain't Saints....

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