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    So while I don't hold the rank of "Master" in this organization of practictioners. I am a martial arts Master; currently holding black belts in Olympic Tae Kwon Do; Filipino Escrima; and Xin-Tao Karate. I'm currently building my own Escrima curriculum and working on Wing Chun Kung Fu; as well as prepping for my 2nd degree black belt grading in TKD.

    I have my own style I teach blending all these arts for self defense; but there's not currently a "distance" learning option. That being said; I'd love to share some of my knowledge with my brother and sister Jedi and perhaps even learn something from others.

    I guess just reply with this post and I can use it as a jumping off point per-say. My own curriculum is completed from white through 3rd degree black belt; it's a blend of Karate, Escrima, JiuJitsu, Wing Chun and Taekwondo; * I call it "Kacrijitsu".

    Happy to share my knowledge and even figure out a way to maybe issue rank for anyone interested.
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