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I'm Finished!

If you have completed all of the exercises in the Initiate Programme then congratulations! You now need to inform TheDude by sending them a Private Message telling them that you have finished all of the required exercises, along with a link to your journal and Oath (if taken).

Once that is done they will inform the Knights and your journal will be read through for checking, if anything is missing or they feel you can expand on something they will ask you to do so.

Once the Knights are satisfied, you will be added to the list of eligible Initiate awaiting Apprenticeship and your rank will be changed from Novice to Initiate to denote your status (assuming you wish to undergo formal training).


Patience is a lesson in and of itself. If you wish to continue training then it is very possible that you will have to wait a while before you get taken on as an Apprentice; it is possible that at this time it could take several months.

We do not live in a monastery and the Training Masters have other commitments so cannot spend their entire time training and teaching at the Temple. There are also more Initiate than available Training Masters so it is possible that you will have to wait until an Apprentice is knighted or ends their apprenticeship (if they decide that Jediism is not the path for them).

During this time we encourage you to remain active and to talk to different members. This could include beginning Seminary Training with our clergy, doing some of the additional bonus exercises within the Initiate Programme, investigating the material in the library, pursuing your own studies and posting your findings in your journal, and you can take part in the many numerous debates and discussions that happen in the Temple, which could include starting some of your own. Activity is key, because a Training Master is unlikely to consider you as an Apprentice if you have not logged in for several months.

If you do leave after completing the Initiate Programme then you can return at any time, you will keep the same rank and can continue with your studies or be taken on as an Apprentice.

It is possible that for you the Initiate Programme has taken less than 60 days to complete. If this is the case then, as is mentioned in the Introduction, you will have to actively participate on the Temple until at least 60 days has passed since you began the Initiate Programme, before you will be granted the rank of Initiate. This is an exercise in patience for those who have completed the training quickly.

Supplemental Initiate Programme (SIP)

During the time from conclusion of the IP to starting your Apprenticeship you may be contacted by the Supplemental Initiate Programme Administrator who will provide you with additional lessons. These lessons will not count towards the number of lessons needed for an Apprenticeship to be completed, but will count towards further study beyond the Apprenticeship.

To the aspiring Initiate...

Now that you begin to set your sights upon a possible future apprenticeship, you may be filled with even more questions. Such is the life of a Jedi. My advice at this stage of your progress here, get active! If you're already are, more power to you. Keeping active in the TOTJO, whether that be on the wall, the numerous forum threads or in chat, keeps your presence in the forethought of the Knights. The less active you are, the less likely a Knight will notice you and take interest.

Initiates take the Initiative! In the words of Cabur Senaar, "Do not sit idly and wait to be approached." This does NOT suggest you start asking for apprenticeships right out the gate after introducing yourself, however it is suggested you initiate contact and ask questions should you spot a Knight you resonate with. Stay active, show interest, take initiative and your chances of getting that sought after apprenticeship will greatly improve!

Good luck Initiates!

 Final Remarks

We hope you enjoyed the material found in the Initiate Programme and the learning process and we wish you good fortune in whatever endeavour you choose to undertake!

May The Force be with you, Always.