To the Temple of the Jedi Order,


Welcome to the New Degree Scheme

One of the pieces of doctrine often overlooked is the "Jedi Believe"

Jedi Believe

In the Force, and in the inherent worth of all life within it.
In the sanctity of the human person. We oppose the use of torture and cruel or unusual punishment, including the death penalty.
In a society governed by laws grounded in reason and compassion, not in fear or prejudice.
In a society that does not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation or circumstances of birth such as gender, ethnicity and national origin.
In the ethic of reciprocity, and how moral concepts are not absolute but vary by culture, religion and over time.
In the positive influence of spiritual growth and awareness on society.
In the importance of freedom of conscience and self-determination within religious, political and other structures.
In the separation of religion and government and the freedoms of speech, association and expression.

In order to fully live that statement we need to know a little about what is going on in the world and within ourselves. These lessons, we hope, will help each learner to do that. 

Each Degree covers five modules: Mythology, Philosophy, History, Psychology, and the Ganymede Progression. 

To begin please create a journal here: title it [Your Name]'s Degree Journal 

Each module contains an introduction that gives instructions on how to complete that module. In addition, each module has an author who can be approached with questions.  You can find them at the top left of any lesson. For ease, here is the list:

Mythology: Rosalyn J

History: Rosalyn J

Philosophy: Alexandre Orion

Psychology: TheDude

The Ganymede Progression: Zero


A tracker is available for your use here. Please create a copy of the tracker and link it into your signature and/or to the first entry in your journal. This will aid in evaluation. 

You must complete all modules for each degree