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An Apprentice is an Initiate who has been taken on by a Training/Teaching Master and is receiving one-on-one mentoring and a personalised learning programme to guide the Apprentice into becoming a fully fledged Jedi Knight. To be apprenticed an Initiate must be at least sixteen (16) years of age.

The Training/Teaching Master will teach their Apprentice until Knighthood or the dissolution of the Apprenticeship. Apprenticeship has a minimum training time of at least six months and the completion of the Associate Degree (A.Div) level of the Degree. Even if these minimums are completed if the Training/Teaching Master does not feel the Apprentice is ready for Knighthood they will not be Knighted. These expectations will vary and will be tailored to the Apprentice.

There is a procedure (Taking on an Apprentice Law) to enter an Apprenticeship, and an Apprenticeship is only valid if cleared by a Councillor. Once cleared a public announcement will be made regarding the new Apprenticeship. When the Teaching Master considers their Apprentice to be ready for Knighthood, they will contact the Council Secretary, to arrange for an interview between the Apprentice, their Training/Teaching Master and a Councillor. If the Apprentice's interview is successful a Knighting ceremony will be organised to promote the Apprentice to the rank of Knight.

Occasionally the right Training/Teaching Master for will be unavailable so not all Initiates will immediately be Apprenticed. If this is the case Initiates may be given tasks on the Supplemental Initiate Programme and should consider additional self-study, engaging in conversations in the forum and participating in chat. Showing patience and initiative in your studies is what will attract a potential Training/Teaching Master.