Welcome to the Supplemental Initiate Program. This is a series of lessons you may complete while you get to know our Training Masters. The SIP is a series of essays built around what the Temple considers to be the values of a knight. After you finish each essay, you are to have a follow up discussion about the essay topic with a knight and the knight will post that conversation in your degree journal. We would prefer that each lesson discussion be with a different knight, however it is not a requirement. The idea is to get you conversing with different potential Training Master to see if you click well with one more than another.


Before you begin, you should start by creating a new journal. This will be called (Your Screenname)’s degree journal and this journal should be posted in the forum linked below.




For your first 750 word essay we would like to ask you the following questions. What are Values? Where do they come from? What are their complementary qualities, and where is the balance?


The rest of your SIP will be essays about the following list of topics. We do NOT want a book definition or to know what anyone else thinks about these topics. We are in search of your inner thoughts and the meaning you personally find in each one. Please Feel free to give any personal examples of ways these values have helped or hindered you in your life. These essays are to be 750 words each and followed by a discussion with a knight for each one. 


The Topics are:


Duty (to yourself and to others)









Self Reflection 


If you have any questions please reach out to our Supplemental Initiate Program Administrator, Senior Knight Zero, and he will be more than happy to assist you in any way you require.