Jedi training involves the cultivation of skills that allow us to navigate the world in all its many ways.  Critical thinking is the objective analysis, reflection, and evaluation of information in order to form a judgment.  It is the ability to think clearly and rationally, engage in reflective and independent thinking, and understand the logical connection between ideas. By learning how to think critically, it is possible to become more skillful in discerning truth from falsehood and genuine intention from a hollow agenda. Please complete at least the first two assignments in this lesson.


Assignment 1: The 7 Skills to Critical Thinking

In this assignment define each of the skills listed below, as they relate to critical thinking using both a book definition and your own personal definition.






Open Mindedness

Problem Solving


Assignment 2: Personal Reflection

In a minimum of 750 words write about a time when you have had to use the critical thinking skills listed in the first assignment in this lesson.


Optional Bonus Assignment: Failure to Think Critically

Write about a time when you failed to use critical thinking skills, what the consequences of that failure were, and what you learned from that failure. This is an optional assignment with no minimum word requirement.