As active Jedi, understanding how we work psychologically as people is a key part to developing ourselves and working with others in the world. One of the most important aspects of this involves how we are naturally and unnaturally conditioned in our lives, growing up, becoming adults, and contributing to society. The methods by which we learn, adapt, and develop socially and cognitively are understood by many psychologists to be determined by different aspects of conditioning. So, for this lesson, you will familiarize yourself with different methods of conditioning which contribute to both human and animal learning. For each assignment, write your responses to them in your journal here at the Temple.


Assignment 1: Classical Conditioning

In this first assignment, you will research Pavlov’s theory (referred to by psychologists as classical conditioning). Watch the video below for an overview of Pavlov’s theory of conditioning.

 Briefly describe Pavlov’s experiments with dogs in terms of classical conditioning. Additionally, define the following terms with both a book definition and a personal definition:

Neutral stimulus

Conditioned stimulus

Unconditioned stimulus

Conditioned response

Unconditioned response


Assignment 2: Operant Conditioning

In this second assignment, you will research Skinner’s theory (referred to psychologists as operant conditioning). Watch the video below for an overview of Skinner’s theory of operant conditioning and learning.  (  In an essay of at least 500 words, answer the following questions:  What are some ways that punishment and reinforcement have impacted your own behaviors? When have positive and negative reinforcement worked in your life, and when have positive and negative punishment worked in your life?


Assignment 3: Social Pressure

In this last assignment, you will research the impact of different social pressures on decision making processes. Watch the video below for a summary of the impact of different social pressures. 

In your journal, explain in a minimum of 500 words how social pressure has been relevant in your life. What are some situations where you’ve made decisions due to social pressure? What have the consequences been for not adhering to different social pressures?