As Jedi we don’t have much in the way of authoritative texts or authoritative ideas.  That being said, much of our “path” comes down to what we absorb, either at the Temple or from other places online or offline.  To make sure we are literate enough to navigate such swaths of information, we are going to therefore work on “independent research” in this lesson. Please complete all of the following assignments.


Assignment 1: Structure

Information exists by a synthesis of different levels of analysis to create a picture which tells a thousand words.  Research and explain the DIKW Pyramid, being careful to describe what each layer does and how it relates to the one below it.  Provide an example of something you think is wise by exploring how those levels might exist within it.


Assignment 2: Source

Find two samples of Jedi literature*, and analyse them by assessing the information source according to each of the parameters below. You may wish to  use the Temple library.

1.  Expertise (who or what generated the information, is it first, second or third hand, and how much bias or heuristic error might 

exist from them).


2.  Era (how old is the information as an indicator of how likely it is to have remained unchanged, considering how fast it might 



3.  Extents (the bigger it is the more accurate it might be, if the prior elements are met).


*Jedi literature refers to materials written by real-life Jedi. These materials must be screened by a member of the IP Team. Reach out to the IP Team to review your choice of Jedi literature. You will find a list of list of resources in the Jedi (Academia) and Jedi/Jediism sections of our library


Assignment 3: Scope 

Now please watch these short videos:


It is vital to identify and check any assumptions with the creation of information - explain why might this be? Do you notice any of the things explored in the videos within your own method of choosing sources of Jedi literature to review? If so, what are they?  How did this exploration help you refine the way that you approached your sources?  Record your findings in your journal as an essay with a minimum of 750 words, excluding the mandatory bibliography. 

After you complete this lesson, please message Rex for promotion to Novice