The art of storytelling is as old as humanity itself.  The accrual of knowledge and wisdom encoded within stories, legends, and myths has a power to impact people and cultures across time and space.  Further, when myth becomes a vehicle, we gain a tool to help us unravel mysteries of the universe.  Here, we will discover how the mythology of Star Wars is not only crafted, but its role in bridging the gap between ancient stories and wisdom with modern technology and contemporary ways of living. Please complete all of the following assignments.


Assignment 1: Myth and Culture

Write a 500+ word essay detailing the role of myth in human culture and society.


Assignment 2: Myth and You

Write a 500+ word essay detailing a myth with personal impact and the impact on the society from which it originated.


Assignment 3: Myth of the Jedi

Write a 500+ word essay on the mythology of Star Wars and the Jedi.


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Supplemental Material:


Star Wars - The Legacy Revealed” Video

The Power of Myth - Joseph Campbell Audio