Joseph Campbell once said, “Dream is the personalized myth, myth the depersonalized dream” (The Hero with A Thousand Faces, pg. 38). Jung helps us to explore the personalized myth through archetypes and the collective unconscious, which we briefly touched on earlier.  

The articles and videos below are resources for understanding the archetypes as well as the collective unconscious. Please choose 10 sources. Compose a 750 word reflection for each. The reflection should not simply be a summary of what is provided, rather, use the material as a springboard to strengthen your own understanding of archetypes. The reflection should be your thoughts on the material supported by quotes or paraphrases from the resource.


Sandra Portko: Our Connection To Something Bigger: The Archetypes of C.G. Jung

The World Within - C.G. Jung in His Own Words  

Alan Watts on Carl Jung

Caroline Myss: Archetypes: Who are you?

Caroline Myss: Archetypes

Caroline Myss: Using Archetypes to Explore Change

Caroline Myss: Archetypal Patterns of Relationships

Dick Pearson and D. Stephenson Bond C.G. Jung Concepts: The Ego, The Shadow, The Anima/Animus


Psychology's Magician

How the Book of Changes Arrived in the West

Plato's "Eidos" And The Archetypes of Jung and Frye

The Self in Jung and Zen

Mysticism in the Analytical Psychology of Carl Jung and the Yoga Psychology of Patañjali: A Comparative Study

Shaman/Scientist: Jungian Insights for the Anthropological Study of Religion

Taoism and Jung