As Jedi, we understand that different cultures are not necessarily better or worse than each other – but that they reflect a different set of values, histories, and traditions. One of the most impactful theories which informs understanding different cultures is Hofstede’s six cultural dimensions. For a brief introduction to Hofstede’s six dimensions, watch the following brief video:

Next, use the following web-based tool to look up your own country and another country you wish to compare it to. Be sure to use a second country that you are at least somewhat familiar with.

For this assignment, compare the two countries in your journal with a minimum of 500 words. Use real-world examples that you know of in your comparisons. Consider whether or not you think that Hofstede’s six-dimensional model is an effective and useful tool to use while trying to understand different cultures. Be sure to note the two countries that you are comparing before going into detail about them.