Please listen to the following podcast. It is an episode of This Jungian Life, a podcast hosted by several Jungian analysts which aims to provide information on Jungian thought to those who are not working in the field, and they are not intended to be training materials for those who wish to engage in analytic psychotherapy (a term referring to the practice of Jungian analysis).

While Jungian analysis has its roots in Freudian psychoanalysis, Jung and Freud’s theories are quite different. Archetypes are an important aspect of Jungian theory and are perhaps the most culturally significant aspect of Jung’s writings at this point in time. Listening to this material, you may notice some aspects of Jungian archetypes which shine through into Campbell’s thoughts which you encountered in your previous studies.

For this assignment, journal how some of your own behaviors may be viewed in archetypal terms. These behaviors don’t have to be anything remarkable; in fact, it would be best if you choose behaviors which you regularly engage in, perhaps even on a daily basis. For this assignment, analyze at least two different behaviors you engage in using archetypal terms, in no less than 500 words.