An Outline of Psychoanalysis is in the public domain and can be found via the following link:

An Outline of Psychoanalysis by Sigmund Freud is a brief (less than 100 pages) overview of psychoanalytic thought. First published in 1940, it contains the essence of Freud’s theory of the human mind. While works such as An Outline of Psychoanalysis by no means equip anyone to perform either psychotherapy or psychoanalysis in any context, it is a sufficient guide to the key aspects of Freudian theory which have been used for decades to analyze art, music, poetry, and culture.

Please note that this is an early piece from the history of psychology and does not necessarily represent the modern scientific consensus.

For this assignment, simply read the first section of this brief work and write in your journal a short critique of Freud’s theory as it pertains to yourself. You do not have to read the entire text. See where the lens of Freudian thought applies well to your own life and where it falls short. Strictly apply your analysis to yourself and no one else. The minimum word count requirement for this assignment is 500 words, but feel free to go above the minimum.