For this module, we will go through Mark Rowland's Philosopher at the Edge of the Universe. It is available via Open Library. Each chapter has a leading question. Reflect on this and the information Rowlins provides (as well as any other properly cited resources)  in order to answer the leading question in relation to your own experience and understanding. The word count for each of these lessons is 750 words.

  1. Frankenstein: What is the meaning of life?
  2. The Matrix: Can we be certain of anything?
  3. Terminator I and II: What is the importance of the physical body to identity?
  4. Total Recall and Sixth Day: What do we mean when we say I? 
  5. Minority Report: Do we have free will?
  6. Hallow Man: Why should we be moral?
  7. Independence Day and Aliens: What is the scope of morality?
  8. Star Wars: What are the properties of “good” and “evil”?
  9. Blade Runner: What is the difference between “life” and “existence”?