Our ordinary world, mundane lives, and beliefs are shaped by myths. Though one could say that a myth is something we consider untrue, for the purpose of this section, we will consider myths by the definition Alan Watts gives us in The Nature of Consciousness, “A myth is an image by which we make sense of the world.”  (Watts, 1969)

For this section, we will consider myths on a cosmic scale and how these myths dictate (or don’t) our movement through the world. A basic understanding of what myths are, why they are created, and why they are still needed will help us contextualize our own individual myth, the myth of humankind, the monomyth (hero’s journey)

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Watts, Alan. “Out of Your Mind 01: The Nature of Consciousness (Part 1).” The Library, 1969, https://www.organism.earth/library/document/out-of-your-mind-1.