Good day and happy weekend and beginning of whatever you are doing today and this week. Today's sermon is on truth. 

Truth is constant and is something we all seek. In philosophy, it is often the aim or the boon to which we strive for as Jedi and humans. I want to dis spell the myths and notions that truth is impossible to find. It is not. What makes the difficulty is what we do with the truth we find or our own interpretation of it. Truth exist in this world. We, as Jedi have a set of Maxims. A Maxim is a moral rule or a general truth we all know. They exist. Let me give you a example. There are a few Maxims that we all know and therefore they are truths we all can understand and have. Here is what I mean.

Absorb what is useful and discard what is not.

Your mind can be re wired.

Time is short.

Your life is the sum of the narrative it has.

This too shall pass, nothing last forever.

The Jedi path is a personally expensive one. 

Doctrine (

The cost or the price of truth is acceptance. What are the consequences of picking these certain truths together? What does it make? The combinations we choose can FORGE who we are. It is very important to quench the idea that there is no truth. There is and its written down in every- EVERY culture, Sect and organization. 

For me and for most Jedi and humans, we can have a hard time with the deciphering and the "How do I use this thing" of life. What do you do when you realize that truth is all over the place? This idea kind of makes "There is no truth" silly hu? Yet, humanity is riddled with truth written on paper, walls, rocks, shirts, songs - the truth is everywhere. Relinquish the myth that there is no truth. Call it lacking if you like. IT is out there. Most time it's under your nose or in plain sight. Adding the Force to things can change ideas and paths and even lives. Knowing that truth IS out there, we only have to look and identify. We are Jedi and we seek that which we need. Some of us become that which we hope for or strive for as Jedi. Find and seek the truth. Try to remember that it is present. It's how we react to it, that's the connection we can adjust. Our relationship to truth can be a strong one. How are we attached to the truth? Do we think it's some imaginary butterfly we will never find, or can we do a bit of seek and study and find truth everywhere? I want to encourage every Jedi who seeks truth - find it. It is out there. Do not believe the Farce it doesn't exist. If you study, you will find it. The goal of a journey is what you find sometimes too in that flow. The truth is out there if you seek it. If you don't, then you will never find it. Begin in our own Maxims. We have 21. Seek truth in your path. Start small but start somewhere. May the Force be with y'all this weekend and week. May you realize truth is out there and very much possible.

Pastor Carlos

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