Good day and Time Zone Temple of the Jedi Order and Jedi everywhere. As Jedi, being wary of our attachments is something that goes with ideas like "May the Force be with you." Jedi Teaching 4 states ..." Jedi are wary of attachments, both material and personal." There IS an obsession that can take place and it can keep you longer than you want to stay and it will cost you more than you may be willing to pay and take you further than you may be willing to go. The more I take time to study the more I find out and the more I find out, the more I want to study still to this day. Our attachments can be a tough one to get around sometimes so I give you this idea along with. Our RELATIONSHIP to things can be the attachments we can be aware of. What is the value of our relationship with one another? What is our relationship with our ZEAL or our Passions? How much do they control or LORD over us? Do they?

One of the things I just adore in the Star Wars world and Sagas is the reminder that our relationships are worth figuring out. Do not leave them un attended. Give them the attention they deserve and the value YOU choose. Knowing HOW we are attached to things can help in our own reflection. Self-reflection is what a Jedi does and is reminded to do as often as needed. Depression and loss are a trap. We can have places to return to besides these states. Paying attention to the relationships we have with people and things can keep us heathy. It really can. And honestly, that's one of the ideas we have here. There are heathy ways of doing things in life and as humans. Reminding one another of how we are connected and to be wary of them isn't a bad thing. I know I need reminders. Thats what Philosophy and Doctrine are for. They can be a flow you choose to go in. Study your own and see where it takes you and who you meet. Take some time to adjust a few relationships you have with a few people or THINGS. This is where life is. This is where we live. Some of us Jedi are part of some one's team. Yea. Some of us Jedi are the feet for some and the ears for others. We play many different parts in so many lives, reflecting on it may seem overwhelming at times. Good. Find the value of a few and start there. Be Jedi and meditate on things. Think about the values of things and relationships we have. How and what value do they possess in our path? Are a few of them BLINDING like, oh, let's say Anakin's path? In the Hero's Journey, there can be a recondition of cast and parts, pathways and flows. Life is NEVER scripted. Don't count on it. You can recognize a few things. Do we really need someone to yell for us "Super villain- SUPER VILLAIN " and point them out some time in our life's? No. It would be a neat thought but in reality, we walk our paths and lives to the tune of our every day and our everyday relationships. 

The biggest potential we share is the HUMAN POTENTIAL. In it, we share the same focus and drive as those who have found the focus and drive in the past. If it is in the realm of human possibility, it CAN be done. My Uncle Curtis used to tell me all the time, " If it's been done- figure out how, so you can." This rings so true today and I am glad for having people like him and others who share the same ideas. We can do anything. Self-Reflection can be the growth you needed or have been lacking. Take some time to ask yourself a few questions. Be like Luke and Rey or any Jedi and sit down and think., Figure it out. Find a way or make a way. Check your relationships and the value they have on your path. There is where you find what holds it all together. Be safe and happy seeking. Be wary of your attachments. They may be keeping you or you may want to be kept. You will never know till you find out.

May the Force be with y'all

Pastor Carlos

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