Happy turn of the New Year friends and Jedi and O Hana! May this year's turn, find you ready and willing for the change.

The people, study and efforts we choose in our paths matter. Where and how much value we place on them in our paths is always up to us. These are our ATTACHMENTS. We are NOT Cinematic Jedi. The FORCE is what binds humans together and everything else present.  The INHERENT worth we share is vast. We touch our world and one another. I want to encourage EVERY JEDI present to examine your attachments this year but understand ...we can build up and strengthen some and even start new ones. The RELATIONSHIPS we have are very much the attachments to be WARY of. How do they affect us or how have they? This type of idea can keep a Jedi in a forever student mode. "Round here, that ain't a bad idea." Check on your attachments. Go look at them and physically check on them. No creepy but reach out and touch it tangibly. Why do we find those people, places and things worthy of our time and efforts? This year, a few many things have changed focus. Things have changed value in my path HARD. What was once an everyday thing is no more and what was never is now a beginning. The best part is, this potential dwells right next to the ability to crash and burn. The Human Potential dwells in each of us every day. As Jedi, we have reminders for this. 

16. Jedi make a commitment to their cause and to humanity. Our ideals, philosophies, and practices define the belief of Jediism and we take action on this path for self-improvement and to help others. We are both the witnesses and protectors of the Jedi way by the practice of our convictions.

Check where your love went this year.

Check on where and who you pardoned this year.

Check your faith and where you put it.

Check your hope and where you got it from this year. It may change. Did it?

Check what you are representing or shining or showing or acting as. What is your light and where did it shine this year?

Check your joy and where you shared it. Did it change?

What time have we consoled? Did we? With what or whom?

What new understanding do we have or want?

What have we given and to what?

Have we given pardon to something or someone? Why and can we? What keeps or kept it?

There is a power in reflection and as Jedi, our reminders and RETURNS can be as easy as sitting down and thinking about things to come and giving them time and space to be. 

Self-reflection is amazing.  Any Jedi can do it at any time, but it seems to be much stronger when we ALL do it at the same time. THIS will be in my heart as the year turns and as the tree burns here on the farm. Every year we burn the holiday tree and say goodbye to the year past in a huge flame above our heads like a fire tree LIGHTSABER. It is our tradition, and it is my hope as PASTOR, you can take some time to remember your Oaths. Remember where your heart rest. Remember what you love. Return to it. Go back to the beginning if you have to but RETURN to that which you are. I find it a HONOR to be a Jedi with y'all. All y'all. What a day to reflect together, as the year changes. Here is to new Hope and the completion of things today. Here is to every Jedi here and who has passed and who will be. Here is to you Temple of the Jedi Order for the LIGHT you let US share. Thank you and have a Happy and safe turn of the year.  May the Force be with you Pastor Carlos

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