Good time Zone and day, wherever you are right now. Pastor Carlos here with a quick reminder that there is no try.

I say "I will try" a lot. It is not that I do not mean it, it's that THIS is what we say when we do not have an answer, at the moment.

The Star Wars reminds us that one of the key ideas a Jedi has is commitment. If you read the Doctrine, there is no, "Jedi try".

We believe.

We better ourselves.

We acquire and tend values like love, pardon, faith, and joy.

We console and understand, love and give, and pardon and live.

We are open and maintain a clear mind.

We must work on overcoming our issues.

We are aware and wary.

A Jedi trains to have integrity and patience and serve selflessly.

We are mindful and guard peace.

We believe in compassion.

Jedi are reminded to NOT become obsessed.

We use the word "strive", so we are not encumbered by our bias or interests.

We are faithful in our faith and study and path.

We are loyal and defend our word and honor.

We, as Jedi, put aside things like fear, regret and uncertainty.

Jedi have honor.

A Jedi is honest.

Our path comes from our studies and what we choose to dictate them.

Jedi are aware. We know our limits.

We meditate seeking mindfulness, focus, and patience.

Jedi don't force their anything on anyone.

A Jedi also knows of inaction.

Harmony comes from seeking it and the Force as it exists in life.

Nowhere does it STATE that we try. 

I want to encourage you as Jedi to commit to the path. Lose the try and change the simple word or phrase with other ideas. Here is a list of plenty and if you like, you can also find them here. 

Doctrine (

Do notice the words we use. 

If you are currently in your own path, training, or even just waiting to identify it, please understand that there is no try. Know that whatever you think your "try" is; that is actually YOU doing it!

I am NEVER a "first time go" type of person. I am the exact opposite of that in my life. As you reflect, notice and identify that the path you are on or the paths you are taking is "doing it". You're riding the waves man! You're in it. You're in the Jedi path and life. If you strive for the boon of Jedi, and choose to wear the mantle of Jedi, Knight, or Clergy then you're on it and in it. 

This coming season DO IT - don't try- commit. If you fail. Fail forward and keep going. Pay attention to your failures but do not let them keep you in a place you don't want to be. TRY is one of those places that's confusing. Do it! Whatever IT may be. 

I hope this helps this season. 

There is no try. Why? You're doing it. That can give a small glint of peace and bliss knowing you are on the right path. 

May the Force be with you in your seek and in your path.

Pastor Carlos

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