I am always in a world of Awe and Wonder in this Universe we live in. The Thought of "my own" path as to my Spiritual life, etc., has always been what I need in my life. I firmly believe we each have our own and should never let that stop as a part of ourselves...

I always enjoy positive statements by others especially when a Spiritual or Positive Inspiration is there. Thought I would Share with you all a recent post from an Actress that I asked permission to post to our site in order to share it for proper acknowledgement. I've always enjoyed her postings like this, such a positive young woman as well as a Sincere, Caring and Positive influencer. Hope many of you like it!....

Courtney Hope "Strength and joy lies within knowing you are the co-creator of your immediate world. You have the control to manifest the direction of your life. When you redirect your focus inward and upward your life path follows suit. The universe, as designed by the great creator, is moved and altered by every energy in each human, animal, plant, insect and object. The more positive the energy, the higher and more powerful the vibration becomes to transform how your personal world operates and therefore how your personal world affects the grand scale of the universe. I’ve found it all starts with self love. The knowing that you already are and already have all you want and because of that it is created in front of you, around you and within you. It makes it easier to be joyful and free knowing you have more control than most of us believe we have. This regaining of control releases blame and ego so growth and understanding can take place. So today, I encourage you to continue down the path or maybe create a brand new, never before explored path of co-creation with the universe and see what new and exciting things you bring into your life. It’s an everyday practice and new habits take time, but I’ve found the benefits of working through love and unity has connected me deeper with every beautiful thing this life has to offer. This is my goal for today and today forward. Will you join me?"

From her Instagram 8/6/2018 ~ https://www.instagram.com/thecourtneyhope/

Courtney Hope ~ Actor (Bold and the Beautiful, Displacement, Gaming Actor ~ Quantum Break [Beth Wilder], Star Wars The Old Republic (Vaylin [Actor]) and Soon to be released in 2019, Control [Jesse Faden])



Thank You for allowing me to share this Courtney!! 


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Absolutely beautiful

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