Despite their destructive power nataural disasters such as hurricanes, fires or earthquakes never fail to captivate us. Their destructive power appears out of no where, destroying man or animal or plant alike, only to dissappear just as it had popped up. Modern technology such as television, internet, radio or the press has made room for such fascination, by providing the safety of passive long distance viewing. As many here have experienced in recent months to be there is a completely different story. These people have learned to respect that which passive viewers could never understand. The difference between these people is the difference between the plod of everyday life and a life turned upside down. But one lesson from which no one is spared is the reminder of the mortality of our very existance.
There is another power, a creative power of an altogether different dimension and magnitude which fills our lives as Jedi. It is this power which also changes lives. The Force! A Power which fills great and small, men and women alike. It fills our hearts and minds opening them up to a greater universe beyond. Nothing can prepare us for the power of it`s world shattering enlightenment, no books, videos, lectures, teachings... To be caught by the fire of the Force means to have to stand in its path. Only this way can your world be turned upside down in a moment. This surge of Creative Force however unifies more powerfully than any of the above mentioned natural powers can tear apart.
To have lain in the wake of the Force means to experience a new world through new eyes. No longer are there seperate peoples with different cultures and languages but Jedi who understand and speak the same language. Lives are irrevocably changed others lives and our lives. Hearts are broken open to a new dimension of relationship. There is no limit to the horizon of the Force. As "victims" to the devastating power of the Force Jedi see things differently, know things differently, hear things differently, and are driven into the world to share what they see, and know, and hear.
May the Force be with us all.
Cardinal Bishop Jon

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