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Lesson 1: The Hero's Journey.

28 May 2020 04:13 #352302 by Atania Kenobi
Who are heroes? Heroes are people who are recognized for their achievements, but not all heroes are the same. There are different kinds of heroes, the kinds who love to be glorified and renowned for their good deeds and heroes who are modest and do not think themselves as heroes. The current heroes of this year are our healthcare providers and so many more unspoken workers.. Today those are people that are considered heroes because they are risking their health and wellbeing to service the needs of others, but what does that have to do with the hero's adventure? The hero's adventure is an idea, a manifestation of thought and reality. (Also know as a monomyth) The author of the Hero's Journey, Joseph Campbell taught at Sarah Lawrence College, as a professor in literature. His novel, the Hero’s Adventure, has inspired millions, but before this he realized that comparative myths followed very closely to an infinite chain of events. This was later acknowledged and retaught by Campbell. The hero's Journey consists of 12 ordeals that each story must accommodate: The ordinary world, the call to adventure, refusal of the call. Meeting the mentor, crossing the threshold, Tests/ allies/ enemies, Approach to the inmost cave, The Ordeal, The Reward, The road back, Resurrection, and finally The return with the elixir. (Keep in mind I am explaining this to you as an individual audience’. So, I will be using the pronoun ‘you’ to incorporate you even further.)
When does the journey start?- It begins with the ordinary world. It is the beginning and the end to any story. It is to us our routine, environment, the people and things we see & experience.(Unfortunately, our current journey is the pandemic of 2020!). The Ordinary World maybe a literal or figurative thing depending on what perspective is given. The current situation with the international pandemic was our call away from the Ordinary World and into the next The Call to Adventure. The call to adventure is the doorway that opens up to us when the proper time comes. It is like a leap of faith, you are entering into unknown territory always unsure of what the next corner might bring. A very short but necessary step in this adventure.
Although, the following step is when the call feels scary, and too far from comfort it doesn’t seem plausible. This is the refusal of the call, but once you’ve tested the waters and waded in a few feet this is when the mentor has made themselves known. The mentor is anyone who can provide confidence, knowledge, and or hope. The Crossing of the threshold is when the adventure has brought you further into the water. By now there is no turning back and you have crossed the point of no return. Beyond this point you will encounter mental, physical, and emotional tests that will become troublesome, but at the same time your demonstration of overcoming these tests you will allow you to progress in the Journey. Allies and enemies are also a part of these tests. Relationships are encouraged, and may also aid with flying colors on the upcoming tests. Whereas, your enemies will stop at nothing to damage your relationships, hopes, and overall goal.
The Approach to the inmost cave is metaphorical for the descent into the darkness. Where everything seems the most bleak and dull, this is the stage of self reflection. While in the void, the demons who dwell deep within, will find strength in your agony, this is the point where you must stand your ground and make your choice of whether or not you change and continue or succumb to the void. The ordeal is an experience that may cause more agony than the decent did. It is the crooked road out of the darkness that is filled with dangerous hardships. The reward is many life changing happenings such as a birth of a child, escape of death, or a celebration. These may or may not serve any purpose to the overall outcome of the journey, but it sculpts detail.
The road back is an identification of the hope that fueled you from the beginning. This may be the same or a very different goal than what you anticipated at the start. This is a threshold that you have crossed before but now this doorway is sending you back. The resurrection is the epiphany of finals week in school! It is the ultimate test that causes you to utilize all of your learned abilities while on your journey. Beyond this final test is your right to return back to the comforts of home, the return with the elixir. This is the final threshold that you must cross. You are not who you used to be the last time you walked out of this door you have evolved.
In conclusion, The hero’s journey is very important because it relates to everyday life. Even before you were born your journey started, and your journey continues. We have parted from the main road and have taken our own roads unknowing of what may lay ahead. Our faiths, loyalties, friendships, will all be tested. As Joseph Campbell said "The labyrinth is thoroughly narrow. We have only the tread of the Hero's path and where we thought to find an abomination, we shall find a god. And where we had thought to slay another we shall slay ourselves. Where we had thought to travel outward we shall come to the center of our own existence. And where we had thought to be alone we shall be with all the world.”

[Note: This took me so long to finish, but it's a simple essay! This is not necessarily my best work, but I trust that my work speaks for itself.]

My sources are the audio file provided by Temple, the Netflix series Power of Myth, and Movie outline. [ www.nuvotech.co.uk , Nuvotech Limited. “The Hero's Journey - Mythic Structure of Joseph Campbell's Monomyth.” Movie Outline - Screenwriting Software, www.movieoutline.com/articles/the-hero-j...mpbell-monomyth.html .]
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