Real life Tails of Monkey

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Hi Temple, I want to invite you to this discussion if you like. I'm reading MONKEY by WU CH"ENG_EN Translated by Arthur Waley

Quick background. Story's of the Monkey or the Monkey King has always got my attention. While reading J.C.(Joseph Campbell) and paying attention to his teaching style, for me , he's never told me what to read or what's right or what's wrong but rather... Check this story from here out or look how they do it. That's my goal in life. By doing this I came across some fun story's from over the seas. As I begin to grow I wanted just a few nighttime story's for my kids and me. During my Zen training, I had been told a few of his story's but never understood em as a whole. As I made a most recent return I found the first storys for America to published and that is what I read/post for you today.

this is the part of the story where monkey full on assaults any one in the heavens against him and its beginning to be a bit too much for everybody. so.. The Buddha and Monkey square off... who are you well whoooooo arrreeeee you!!!!
this is what Monkey says:
"Born of sky and earth, Immortal magically fused, from the mountain of flowers and fruit and old monkey am I.
In the cave of the Water curtain, I ply my home trade; I found a friend and master, who taught me the Great Secret.
I made myself perfect in many arts of immortality, I learned transformation's without bound or end. I tired of the narrow scope afforded by the world of man, nothing could content me but to live in the green Jade Heaven.
Why should heaven's halls have always one master?
In earthly dynasties, king succeeds king.
The strong to the stronger must yield precedence and place.
Hero is he alone who vies with powers supreme."

What ya think? Monkey the first Sith before Sith lol? You think these type of story's arnt just for bed time? Maybe a bit more?
I have to admit , at times , I feel like the Monkey king in this story, the Buddha wins at the end over a bargain but in the end, it got me thinking, I'm so like monkey sometimes.

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