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To Gain Access to the Intersectional Temple Please Read and Accept the Following
"The Temple of the Jedi Order believes "In the Force, and in the inherent worth of all life within it. In the sanctity of the human person. We oppose the use of torture and cruel or unusual punishment, including the death penalty. In a society governed by laws grounded in reason and compassion, not in fear or prejudice.
In a society that does not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation or circumstances of birth such as gender, ethnicity and national origin. In the ethic of reciprocity, and how moral concepts are not absolute but vary by culture, religion and over time.
In the positive influence of spiritual growth and awareness on society. In the importance of freedom of conscience and self-determination within religious, political and other structures.
In the separation of religion and government and the freedoms of speech, association and expression."
We understand that there are many aspects of our identity that impact the way that we practice Jediism, and many ways that our life is impacted by social constructs. 
This is a supportive and safe space dedicated to a discussion of where sex, gender, class, identity, ability, and race intersect with our spiritual/philosophical endeavor as Jedi.
Ground Rules for Discussion:
1.Act like Jedi! (That shouldn't be a problem for us! :))
2.****Absolutely no sharing of this information outside of the Intersectional Forum without the explicit consent of the original sharer. Please especially do not share private information or confidences with people outside of the conversation even if those people are mentioned.****
3.Using names to call out actual problematic behavior (not gossip, not slandering, not complaining, or badmouthing someone you're not a huge fan of) is allowed, but try and use good judgement about whether the names illustrate your problem. If it is behavior that needs to be stopped immediately (e.g. dangerous or predatory behavior) please contact a moderator. If you are not sure, please bring your issue to an moderator first. If you have a problem with something someone said or posted, please also go to an admin first.
4.No telling people that their experiences didn't happen.
5.No attacking others if you discover someone you like has done something; people can be good people and still do bad things.
6. No saving or recording of information from the Intersectional Forum (this includes copypasting posts, sharing them outside the Intersectional Forum, or screencaptures of the content).
7. We sometimes talk about intense issues here, so this is a reminder to provide warnings and spoiler tags Just like movies have ratings and explanations of those ratings (violence, sex, etc), consider the factors that might make someone not enjoy what you post, and let them make their own informed choice on whether to watch or read that content by describing the possibly disturbing factors.An effective way is with content warnings (CW) and trigger warnings (TW). For example, writing "CW: gender equality" or "TW: sexual assault" before the body of the post.
8. This is not the place to debate the validity of anyone's path or practice. This is a supportive space and differences of practice and belief are welcomed.
9. Because of the nature of the Intersectional Forum this space is heavily moderated in accordance with the rules set forth here. Keep in mind the space that we are trying to create here and be sure that you are willing to  participate in the discussions with the guidelines in mind. 
10. Failure to abide by the guidelines set forth here will mean the removal of access to the Intersectional Forum.  

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