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Rank bars for the mobile version .

01 Nov 2019 14:14 #345081 by Malicious
So as far as I know there is only a rank bar under your name on the PC version and none for the mobile version , will this be fixed or added ? I know that the temple is a little short staffed and I seen where someone said it was being fixed but that was 2018 .

I am a Jedi... and a stronger person because of my experiences rather than despite of them. I learned to let go of the rage and hatred, and now I can look back on my early life as a story to teach a lesson... that no matter how bad it seems, no matter how dark it gets, there is good to be found in any situation, and in the blackest darkness can a single candle shine the brightest.

May the Force be with us all.

--- Master Kyp

=_= Malicious (+_+)

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