I got 2!!

30 May 2021 00:52 #360499 by Carlos.Martinez3
I got 2!! was created by Carlos.Martinez3

So, I have 2 extra games for anyone willing to play the game with their own family. I will send ya the whole thing still in plastic. The only catch, is that you have to share a picture of y'all playing. PM for request. 1st come, first served.

The game is easy. 4 players, each player has a team of two. Between both teams you have to turn off the tractor beam and get the blueprints from the control room. Once both tasks are complete, you can escape on the Millenium Falcon and fight Tie Fighters to win. But there always lurks the chance of being sent back to the trash compactor. Most Star Wars games out there bore me to death; this one with its 1-3 move per turn and tie fighter challenge makes it feel like a MarioKart style pursuit board game.
Overall rating: (I'm sharing two of them) definitely worth playing, and sharing. Good family game.

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